Agreement Meaning In Sanskrit

Agreement Meaning In Sanskrit

2) [v.s. …] n. (?) Disposition, agreement, [Mah-bh-rata viii, 4512.] अभ्युपाय [abhyup-ya] [abhy-up`ya] m. an agreement, promise, commitment, bed. अभ्युपेत्याशुश्रूषा [abhyupety-u-ara] [abhyupety-u-r] for breach of a contracted service, a law dealing with disputes between the master and a thief of the agreement. bed. ii , 182 seqq. Sa-viod () .- An agreement or a promise, the covenant. अभ्यनुमोदन [abhyanumodana] [abhy-anumodana] n. Agreement with, Authorization, Bed. I`m takam.

Each urban settlement should have a cultural cell that should work to preserve the city`s heritage, natural structures and heritage. The Director General of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Good Governance and Policy Analysis Shri R. Parshuram stated this at the signing of a Protocol between the Institute and the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (Intach) New Delhi. The MoU has agreed to work on several points, including the Madhya Pradesh Heritage Policy Agenda, documentation of Ancient Heritage, Capacity Building, Training and Culture. . अभ्याधा [abhy-dha] [abhy-a-√ dh`] mainly Ved. put (fuel, ) Bed VS.; The fire on Bed. not grandiose ( f. [ ravas ] Bed. Rv. viii, 46, 7. अभ्याचरे [abhy`care ] [abhy-ejacus] loc.ind.

see [abhy-`g`re] . अभ्याविश् [abhy-vié] [abhy-`-√ vi` ] (vaccine. [ -eviat ] to hurry in (acc.) bed. M.B. vii , 5812; P. in, trespassing Bed. MBh. . . . अभ्युपे [abhyupe ] [ abhyupe ] [ abhy-upe ] 2 ( [ -up`] √ [ i ] ] , (Imper. 2.

sg. [ -upaihi] (for shelter, [ `araam]) bed. R. vi , 9 , 39. . . अभ्यमित [abhyamita ] [ abhy-amita ] or [abhyénta] m. f. n.

(perf. Spend. p)) sick, sick Bed L. . अभ्युदितेष्टि [abhyuditei ] [ abhyuditei ] f. [ abhyudayei ] , Bed. Mr. KaushBr.

Reads. अभ्यासिच् [abhysic] [abhy-a-√ sic] pour on Bed. Mr. Gobh. Reads Suar. Enter root: and a word to search the root only after the word. You can also use the √ icon, which is easily entered by entering s/in SanskritWriter software. Find, perceive, learn from Bed.

RPret. Sweat bed. . अभ्याप् [abhyep] [abhy-√ `p ] [ – amazed ] , to reach, get, get Bed. In: Caus. [ – epyyati ] , around Bed. In: Desid. P. [abh`psati] (